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Photo Studio Rentals

Beaumont’s versatile 2400 sq ft space is ideal for photo and video production. Pre-rigged backdrops make for an easy setup and you can rent lighting gear right here at the studio. The space includes a small kitchen/bar, seating area for clients and clean and modern washrooms. The space can be divided into 3 smaller and separate studios or you can use it as one large studio with multiple setups.


Studio rental starting at $30.00 per hour.
(there are 3 pods/rooms) pods 2 & 3 can be made into one big pod, the pods are sound dense, but not sound proof).
POD 1 – is 700sf (located in the 316 Beaumont 1 location (you would know this as the theatre before it was converted to a gallery/photoshoot room) 
POD 2 – 1120sf (326 west 5th There are 2  nooks/lounge/stage that are about 225sf each)
POD 3 –  600sf (326 west 5th There are 2  nooks/lounge/stage that are about 225sf each)

DAYTIME MONDAY – FRIDAY –  (9am-5pm) pod 2 $35.00 per hour,  pod 1 & 3 are $30.00 an hour, 3 hour minimum’s ($60.00 for pod & 3 )
EVENINGS MONDAY – THURDSAY  (5pm-11pm) large pod is $40.00 an hour, 3 hour minimums ($35.00small pod) $65.00 both)
WEEKEND DAYS –  SAT.SUN.HOLIDAY (9am-5pm) large pod is $45.00 an hour, 3 hour minimums ($40.00 small pod) ($85.00 both).
$350-$525 Day rates can fluctuate, it is suggested video shoots always use both pods.

VIDEOGRAPHY: starting at $65.00 per hour

The entire room must be booked out for Video shoots. $60.00 – 85.00 per hour, with 3 hour minimum $600, full day blackout. overnight lockouts are subject to availability and rated  per incident
$525-$600 Day rates fluctuate, it is suggested video shoots use both pods. Corporate bookings fluctuate based on number of persons in the space power needs, catering(food on site is subject to an organics removal fee of $50.00)
Green screen is $30.00 for each 15ft pull.
Regular black/white/grey backdrops are $15.00 per pull.
Refundable Cleaning fee:
There is an expected of the space by our clients. This fee is waived if the space is returned to its original state.
The Beaumont is a private club, offering discounted rates to its members. Let us know if you would like to learn about being a member.


Backdrops (White, Grey, Black) $15/rental Green Screen $30/rental

AlienBee B800


(4 available)

86″ PLM Umbrella (silver)


White Diffuser included

30×60 Softbox


Add Egg Crate $5

Set of 2 14″ x 60″ Strip Boxes


Egg Crates Included

47″ Octabox


22″ Beauty Dish


Honeycomb Grid included

22″ Reflector