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Spring Emerging Artists Exhibition: West Coast Homeland

June 13, 2017

This spring, the Beaumont Gallery and emerging, local artists team up to celebrate the beauty of BC in our Spring Emerging Artists Exhibition: West Coast Homeland. Featuring painting, photography, and fashion design, this exhibition will be dedicated to showcasing each artist’s interpretations of the west coast and why they are proud to call it home.

For ten years, the Beaumont Studios has worked to support local artists and foster creativity in the growing and changing city of Vancouver. Whether you were born and raised in BC or have come to call it home, everyone has a different interpretation of the west coast. Come out to support, celebrate, and get lost in the wonders of our own homeland.

Grace Tse

Taught by a global/online village of various artists before her, most of whom she has never met in person, her works are mainly inspired by nature and abstract forms (which arguably originate in nature). As a visual artist, she plays several simultaneous roles: witness, creative, human in the act of self-expression.  

She thrills in sharing her photographic works with live audiences. Short of her art achieving critical reception at large, she would gladly accept having a select few resonate with a select few; having facilitated a few relaxed shoulders, deeper breaths, fresh thoughts, sensations of felt beauty.

Besides art and photography, she feels most alive when she is engaging with new places and cultures; windsurfing the ocean; talking to animals; spending quality time with loved ones.

f: Grace Tse Photography 

Jenny Carnegie

Jenny Carnegie is interested in exploring the dream world and lucid dreaming in her work. She utilizes realistic painting techniques that the master painters of the Renaissance employed and incorporates surrealist or fantastical imagery to create a sense of “magical realism”. In an average life time we spend 6 years dreaming but to many it’s a neglected part of their lives. She feels sleep and dreaming are as important as eating. The dream world is a place of inspiration, rejuvenation and, in some cases, a place that allows her to learn and grow.


f: Brush and Wand 

Hollis Nelson

Hollis Nelson was born on unceded First Nations territory in Vancouver, 1986, to a working class Canadian family. Growing up in Vancouver she was surrounded by and involved with a variety of different cultures. She holds a diploma of Fine Art from Langara College and a Bachelor of Fine Art from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Her work is informed by her mixed upbringing and reflects questions of identity and belonging.

ig: @hollisnelson86

Faye Gordon-Lewis

Raised on the West Coast (on Vancouver Island), Faye Gordon-Lewis is always enthralled by its grandeur. She spent much of her childhood exploring the beaches and wandering through its forest(s) viewing the changing light through the trees, rock formations and entrancing blues of the skies and water – becoming her visual vocabulary. She paints in the West Coast palette of blues, greens and ochres. using acrylic paint, mostly, because of its quick-drying capacity. As she was originally trained painting in oils, she uses the painting techniques of overlaying colours and building up her images with washes and gels which result in a richness of colour and surface. Although her paintings are done in a realistic style – painted loosely, they evoke an Impressionistic touch.


Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki 

Canada stretches over 3,855,103 square miles of breathtaking landscape. Artists explore its vastness and bring morsels of beauty as our small gift to the public. This is a humbling an honorable task. Our land is shaped by storms and forest fires, by climate changes and shifts in ecosystems. What we see is further altered by transient effects of clouds, the play of sunshine and our own emotions. It all composes itself into surprising patterns which burn into our minds and hearts.Tatjana pays attention to messages of the landscape and tells its stories using a visual language of the land in my art. Her paintings bridge the traditional subject matter with a contemporary point of view. She expresses my ideas with variations in the brushwork and texture of paint, color dissonance, and harmony, dynamic symmetry in composition. This variety relates to a diversity found in nature. Landscape provides inspiration, but it’s up to us, artists and art lovers, to complete the picture using our own imagination.

Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki Fine Art

f: Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki

ig: @tatjanamirkovpo

t: @mirkovpo

blog: http://mirkov-popovicki.blogspot.ca/

g: Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki

Bob Leier 

As an emerging artist, Bob loves to explore symmetry in all things – that wondrous sense of harmony and balance providing beautiful proportion. Manipulation explores reality – enhancing it, expanding its boundaries, allowing us to experience it with new eyes. Image alteration can yield a fresh and distinctive perspective. Simple or complicated, transforming the common and everyday into the unexpected produces a unique visual effect. Standing in contrast to representational photography, subjective imagery reshapes the familiar, offering surprises that are dramatic and intriguing. We find comfort in what we know, but deviating from the norm brings us to attention, compelling us to see reality with a different eye. Reshaping the familiar.


f: Bob Leier

Mariko Evans 

Born and raised in Japan. After living/traveling many places – including her inner world – she is now living in Vancouver, Canada. Self taught photographic artist. Through photography she seeks peace of mind and her works express the world on mute, the boundary between painting and photography. She creates stillness through motion and feeling evoke in her.


ig: @myworldonmute

Laurie Landry

Laurie has always been interested in creating art since she was young. She continued to pursue art throughout elementary and high school, and then went on to study at Emily Carr University of Art and Design for a semester in 1985. After a long break where she worked as a graphic designer, she decided to return to painting as a professional artist. Laurie returned to Emily Carr University of Art & Design and completed my certificate in Fine Arts Techniques in 2008, and has since continued training with a mentor program and in-class workshops. In December 2010, she completed training in figurative drawing at Studio Escalier in Paris, France, where Timothy Stotz and Michelle Tully passed on their training that can be traced back to the Old Masters such as Michelangelo and Raphael. Her painting style is mainly traditional representation, but incorporating modern materials and techniques when inspired. Laurie likes to use colour and texture to create atmosphere and mood.

f: Laurie Monique Landry Fine Arts 

ig: @laurieartist


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