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Mediterranean by Maria Kyriaki

September 4, 2017

Mediterranean by Maria Kyriaki

September 4-18 2017

Opening Reception September 7th, 7-10pm

Maria Kyriaki was born in Toronto and currently lives in Burnaby BC. She paints, creates small scale mosaics and designs images with digital media. She has numerous participations in art exhibitions, solo and team. She studied theatre- film Acting and drama, Ballet and contemporary dancing, music and singing. She holds a Bachelor degree in pedagogical studies and a postgraduate degree in Theatrical studies. She has also been an active actress since 1999 with various and significant roles in the theatre and also cinema and TV and organizes drama actions.


Artist Statement

These Mediterranean landscapes are exhibited for the very first time. They are my favorite images, since they remind me of the view in my backyard in Greece. It was an afternoon some years ago that I took some pictures of those amazing olive trees that stood there for decades. There is something so magical about olive trees and I was so inspired by them that I decided to work on this idea. I worked for very long and studied in order to design what I thought was an ideal olive tree landscape. The olive tree, the sun, the sea and the stones. This is the way many poets described it and this is what I tried to reproduce.


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