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May 11, 2017


FACE IT! May 11th-25th 2017

Opening reception May 11th 7pm

The “FACE-IT!” Exhibition is a body of 23 art-pieces sharing the same theme of Faces as subject, but presenting different medium and techniques of realization consisting in: collages (in paper and fabrics), palette-oil paintings (on canvas and wood), water-colour painting, textile-panels (Hand-Quilted), and much more, as an introduction the to the next-series of the artist’s art-work.

The “FACE-IT!” Art-Work Collection has been created by the artist as a whole to offer to the viewer a moment of amusement and discovery, and also as an intriguing and captivating art-experience intended for all kind of audiences (art-expert included), and, therefore, designated to travel around for a while between different local communities (as: schools, universities, cultural, senior, aborigenal centres, private and public art-galleries) upon request.



“Care and Dedication” are the two Concepts/ Practices I use in my Art-Work, which is the result of a lengthy process (of cautious CALIBRATION) within the Space of my intervention. I play with FORMS, and MATERIALS (pieces of Paper, Fabrics, Strokes of Colours and Lines, and Stitches) until I will reach a final COMPOSITION, which, in some ways, will remind me of “Perfection”. In my creative process there are no limits for Inspiration, which can come as far as the depth of my Memory and Soul (under the shape of Archetypal-Forms), or from the space around me (under the shape of Natural, or Human-Forms). I express myself throughout a large spectrum of Medium (as: Writing, Graphic Illustrations, Drawing, Printing, Painting), and of Techniques and Materials (as: Hand-Stitching, Pasting, Textiles, Beads, Threads), with a preference for creation of Tribal Origins (as: Hand Quilted Panels, Masks subjects, etc.). Art is for me the only real Freedom: it allows me to fly freely all over the Creative Possibilities, and to land as a falcon, wherever I can see an instance, or a chance, or a call for new Inspirations and new Artistic Visions.

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