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Carlos M Bonmati

March 28, 2017

Exhibition: March 28- April 1
Reception: March 30, 7pm-10pm

Carlos is a freelance documentary photographer originally from Spain. He is currently based in Vancouver but travels and works world wide.

For an European person, Vancouver is a rich culture mix, in which sometimes I feel being in the most American cosmopolitan city, other times I feel the essence of places like Shibuya intersection and others seems that I am surrounded by the most deep and relaxed nature.

When I stop in the middle of this complex city I can realize how situations, common places and people that create each moment unique and dazzling interact with themselves to transform into something daily, common.

This is ‘The Canadians’ a photo diary for the last 9 months, since I started to live in Vancouver. The pleasure of tasting every moment in this scenario.

Website : carlosmbonmati.com
Instagram : @carlosmbonmanti



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