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Capture Photography Festival

April 1, 2017 12:00 am

Capture Photography Festival is dedicated to showcasing the work of international and local photographers in attempts to spark a community-wide conversation about photography as an art form as well as a method of communication and remembrance. Set in the vibrant city of Vancouver, whose photographic history as the place where the Vancouver School of Photography styles were developed, makes it the perfect spot for this conversation and discovery to take place.

Capture Photography Festival also aims to answer the question: “As photography becomes an increasingly accessible art form, its practitioners and admirers are forced to ask themselves evermore difficult questions. Namely, how do we now distinguish the amateur from the professional, the casual from the conceptual, appropriation from influence, and more recently, the technique from the tool?”

The event also features street art photography set up in nearly all Vancouver neighbourhoods, and galleries around the city featuring exhibitions from multiple photographers. The Beaumont Gallery is hosting three exhibitions of three different photographers throughout the month of April. Visit our website and social media pages to find out more about the artists being featured, and the dates and times of their galleries. Also, be sure to check out Capture’s Website to learn more about the festival.


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