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Anastasia’s Art Classes Student Exhibition

June 27, 2017

June 28th- July 3rd 2017

Opening Reception  June 29th from 6pm-9pm


Anastasia Art Classes’ exhibition presents various art pieces created by
different talented young artists, aged between 5 and 12, who have been
taking art lessons with professional artist Anastasia for periods of
time ranging between 3 months to over a year. This art show is representative of
different themed artwork that young students have been creating at
Anastasia’s studio using mostly acrylic medium.
Works on display consist of still-life, composition, portraits, copies of
famous artists’ masterpieces, landscapes and imaginary scenery.

Exhibited paintings are colorful, bright, figuratively and decoratively
structured, and tentatively realistic. They are inspired by life
and reality as well as kids’ true and pure inner world of imagination. All
the different art pieces in this show are captivating and stunning for
viewers thanks to their simplicity of little eyes’ perception.

About the art teacher:
Anastasia (artist name Rose Eysmond) is a professional artist and art
teacher with a strong artistic background and Master’s degree in Fine Arts.
Originally from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, she comes from a very artistic family.
Anastasia lives, creates and teaches art at her private studio in Lynn
Valley, North Vancouver, BC. She is continuously inspired by the beauty of
Vancouver’s nature and scenery. Her medium of choice is oil and acrylic on
canvas, which is an ideal match to her symbolic style that bridges the gap
between classical school painting and decorative art. Her paintings often
contain figurative elements that transcend the reality of everyday life.

Anastasia has practiced her art in several geographical locations. During
the years she spent in France and New Mexico USA, she participated in a
number of shows and was honored with several awards. In 2005 she received
the Jury’s choice award and southwestern prize from the Roswell Fine Arts
League and New Mexico Art Society. Her art work has been shown in the
Greater Vancouver area since she moved there in March 2006. Since 2012
Anastasia has been an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Anastasia strongly believes in the power of art and the importance of visual
expression. She has been generously and consistently sharing her genuine
passion for art and the process of creation with her students, gently
guiding them toward opening and developing their inner artist.
About the Art Classes:
*The classes are taught in a classical manner. **Children learn how to draw
with pencil; differentiate objects’ tones, measure and use objects’
proportions, place objects on canvas/paper properly (basics of
composition), mix colors in a right way, understand the additional colors’
role, draw a linear perspective. They also learn about famous artists,
their manner of creation and try to create a piece in their style. They
find out about many different ways of creating while practicing how to
paint from life and imagination. It is essential to learn the basics in
order to develop solid skills. Later on it altogether helps and enhances
the process of creation, which is beautiful and complex. Good foundation
always assists with developing good taste in art and in general.*

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