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New Tattoo Work By Trevor Mackay

Another awesome thing about being at the Beaumont is that there are so many different creatives working here and we not only get inspired by each other but we get to enjoy each other’s services.
One of our tenants Arron Le of Arron Le jewelry recently got himself new tattoo down the hall from another Beaumont member, the very talented Trevor Mackay of Two Tides Tattoo.

Here is what Arron had to say:

“Just got another tattoo from the famous Trevor Mackay of Two Tides Tattoos. The master of tattoos. Trevor has been my studio neighbour for 1 and a half years. I never have seen such awesome work like his, with such clean lines. Even though i got 30 hours from another artist, I now go to Trevor because he treats you as a family. He has been a great person to know. Everyday I see his work, here at the beaumont studio. He does amazing work. I wanted a piece to remember my brother as he had passed away last year. My brother loves fish, and they made him happy as he takes care of the tanks. So I decided to get a tattoo of an arowana fish, gold fish, and a lotus flower as a memory piece. Still more to come from Trevor of course. I’m a returning customer for sure.
Thanks for the awesome work. Make an appointment with him. You won’t regret it.”

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