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MetaStazi Strives to Create Beauty and Affect Deeply

Written by Susan Bates

MetaStazi, also known as StaziQ, is currently exhibiting at the Beaumont until March 18th. The visionary artist strives to create beauty, live an extraordinary life, be happy, and affect deeply. With a background in fine-art photography and training in digital art, she breathes life into her Fractalic series.

Fractalic Series: Metatron Cloud Pyramids

Metatron Cloud Pyramids is a strikingly beautiful work of art with metaphysical undertones. This fractal creation represents a dreamlike vision of the outer reaches of the atmosphere is some divine dimension. Sacred geometry reveals pyramids, stars, and circles amidst an array of pulsating cloud clusters. The analogous colour scheme allows for extended viewing and deep meditation.  The piece exudes a sense of wonder and mystery.

Fractalic Series: Fir Vortex

Fir Vortex takes you on a journey deep inside a kaleidoscopic forest of evergreens. The scene sizzles with energy and light. This powerful portrayal represented a turning point for StaziQ because of the reaction it evoked in a particular buyer. The healer who purchased it had seen the same vision in her dream two days prior. “The woman told me she planned to hang the piece in her healing centre, and I felt deeply touched by her affinity with my artwork. It was one of the significant signs that I was on the right path,” confides StaziQ.

And this path has led to a variety of unexpected twists and turns. For instance, Stazi is now in the midst of creating a clothing line incorporating her finest Fratalic prints. She partners with Set4Lyfe in Kelowna to produce joggers, tops, hoodies, onesies and leggings. .

Fir Vortex Joggers (left) and Mauve Cotton Candy Tank Top (right)

“Right now, I’m super excited about my printed tapestries with ThirdEyeTapestries from California. They’ll be several feet wide,” she shares.

Fractalic Series: Mauve Cotton Candy Metatron

Mauve Cotton Candy Metatron will be on display in tapestry format during the latter half of her show, “Work in Progress | Never Done”.

Why “Work in Progress | Never Done”? Because MetaStazi feels her art is in a continual state of evolution. Not only do her visionary prints end up as mystical apparel, but she creates altars by enhancing digital images with crystal grids and found objects in a resin assemblage. Da Web Dreamcatcher Assemblage is a riveting example..

Fractalic Series: Da Web Dreamcatcher Assemblage

The mixed media piece is inspired by the web of life, and the natural elements add energy and verve. StaziQ elaborates, “Da Web Dreamcatcher Assemblage combines natural organic lines with human structures. Some see it as a conversation between branches; others envision a potential future of human settlement high up the trees. I encourage individual interpretation—may countless visions be woven into this web.”

“Work in Progress | Never Done” features, but is not limited to, Stazi’s Fractalic series. She will also exhibit numerous experimental works in a range of media. “Lighter than a Feather—A Playland is a vibrant piece full of symbols and playful energy,” says StaziQ.

Lighter than a Feather—A Playland

The spirited acrylic painting combines a canvas of white feathers on a wood panel background. “I wanted to move away from traditional presentation,” says the artist. During the show, she plans live painting sessions, in which she will add to this piece and others while discussing her process with attendees. Stazi adds, “Since the show itself has constant renewal as its theme, new pieces and updates to those already showing can be expected as the days progress.”

The exhibit runs from February 2 – March 18th inclusive. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet the artist and view her extraordinary work.




Address and Schedule of Events                                                                                    

  • Address: 316 W. 5th Avenue Press black button by entrance door to ring the bell.
  • Opening: February 11th at 7pm
  • Weekday Gallery Hours: February 2nd – 10th
    • Monday and Tuesday: 2 – 6pm and 9 – 10pm
    • Wednesday 1 – 5pm and 9 – 10pm
    • Thursday 2 – 5pm and 7 – 11pm (Live Painting Event)
    • Friday 2 – 5pm and 7 – 9pm
  • Upcomng Weekend Gallery Hours: February 6th and 7th
    • Saturday 2 – 6pm
    • Sunday 3 – 7pm
  • Live Painting Event with MetaStazi and LuxArt: February 4th, 7 – 11pm Enjoy live electronic music. Cover $5. Please feel free to bring your own snacks, alcohol, and refreshments.

The schedule will be updated with greater availability, starting February 11th, when the gallery curator returns.

For further information, please contact MetaStazi: mettastazi@gmail.com.

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