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Meaghan McRae Dares to Be Different

Meaghan McRae, founder of Lunden Jewellery, dares to be different. Her unique line, Curvilinear, breaks the prevailing minimalist trend with bold curvaceous shapes and broad sinuous lines. She deconstructs Baroque architecture to its essential elements and imbues it with a sleek contemporary feel. Sculpted surfaces create drama and movement in a dance of shadow and light. The high polish sterling creations are classic originals that command attention. “There’s nothing quite like Curvilinear on the market, and I’m excited to see where it takes me,” she shares.


One offshoot of her foray into all that is Curvilinear is the delight of creating custom work with gemstones and 14 carat gold. Yellow sapphires add warmth and opulence to this aristocratic pendant and ring set. The signature molded surfaces and hand cut detail represent precision and excellence in craftsmanship.  The work shines with integrity and style.

Custom Designs in 14 Carat Gold with Yellow Sapphires

While truly a gifted designer, Meaghan is an artisan at heart. Her passion is fabricating and constructing ‘miniature sculptures in metal’ as she calls them.  “My primary goal is to be a highly-skilled craftsperson, and mastering new techniques gives me the ultimate pleasure,” she explains. “I love having a design concept with no idea of how I’m going to implement it. And then when I come up with a fabricating solution, I find that extremely gratifying.” The Curvilinear line demanded a method that would provide a brilliant shine to ensure dramatic contrast between light and dark. Her creative solution was to minimize torch use to reduce fire scale, or streaking, and intensify luminosity.

“I get lost in the process of crafting designs by hand,” Meaghan confides.  This engagement with her work appears to stem from years of admiring her father handcraft fine furniture and musical instruments. Through his example, she gained an understanding of the necessary care and quality required to excel at a trade.  Her instructors at design school added fuel to the fire. Meaghan relates the most valuable lesson learned, “Never say ‘Good enough.’ You have to remember that the quality of your work is your trademark. ‘Good enough’ doesn’t get you anywhere.” She adds, “I want my pieces to be timeless works of art that can be handed down through the generations.’

And when you deliver a superior product, people will rally to boost your success. Meaghan relies on references from colleagues, friends, and family to supply her with a steady stream of work.  She focuses on developing relationships and building trust, both within the design community and with her customers. Word of mouth is a powerful method of gaining support and building a client following. “People are kind enough to just hand out my business cards,” she reveals. Online sales through Etsy and Instagram assist to expand the reach of her market.  And of course, having her work featured in storefronts, such as Edgemont Village in North Vancouver, is also a welcome bonus.  “Seeing my designs in the front window was amazing,” she gleams.

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