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Kevin McAllister

Strong conceptual design communicates multiple ideas, making the viewer think and make their own choices about meaning. The foundation of each of Kevin’s designs is a single unifying concept that contrasts these ideas with each other or with more traditional design elements. His work is influenced by his strong interest in architectural forms, both historical with period detail and modern with simple clean lines.

His current practice incorporates hands-on creation as well as computer-based 3D design and digital manufacturing methods.

Kevin is a graduate of the VCC Jewellery Art and Design program and holds a BFA in Design & Technical Theatre from UBC. He has over twenty years of design experience, working in a variety of mediums including scenery, lighting, costumes, projections, props, exhibits, parade floats and theatre venues. Jewellery is a new medium of expression for his creativity.

Kevin’s Website – www.kevinmcallister.com

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