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Julie Morris & Buffalo Lucy

I’ve been so inspired since moving into my own studio in March (Studio 5 in The Old Beaumont) that I’m adding new work to my online shop weekly! It’s not at all uncommon for me these days to be in the middle of filling orders when, like a bolt of lighting, I’ll be struck by a new idea and I just have to put everything else aside and bring it to life.

People often ask what inspires my new work and the honest answer is that I’m most inspired by my tools and materials themselves. It’s usually when I’m in my studio working that new ideas come to me. In general, nature is my muse — when I need to reconnect to my soul, nothing works better than a trip to the ocean or a walk in the woods — but when it comes to generating concrete ideas, I have to be working with my hands – holding metal between my fingers, hammering, sawing, sketching around an actual stone. And I’ve been doing so much of that this last year that the ideas are flowing faster than I can keep up with them. It’s an exciting time for Buffalo Lucy!

Come by and visit me in my new studio or find my work available for order on my website:

www.BuffaloLucy.com or on Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/BuffaloLucy

– Julie Morris