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Integrating Artists, Collaborations & Engaging Our Community
The Beaumont was established in 2004 by artist Jude Kusnierz, as an open and supportive environment for a wide variety of creative professionals. Being a full-time professional artist for over a decade, Jude’s goal was to create a unique environment where artists, like herself, could work in a beautiful, safe, reasonably priced, positive and upbeat environment, a place that would offer opportunity for growth, mentoring and cross-pollination of ideas and business.


  1. The name of the Society is The Beaumont Studios Artist Society
  2. The purposes of the society are:
    (A) To create a community and environment where artists and small business owners can meet, work together, cross pollinate with clients & socialize.
    (B) To bring together artists, artisans, designers and small business owners as a united community to participate in public and private artistic events and opportunities.
    (C) To advance the public’s knowledge and interest in the Vancouver art scene through participation in events and artistic exhibitions.


The Beaumont Studios Artist Society (BSAS) is designed to inspire and engage artists, designers, and creative small business owners with space, events and opportunities to work together, play together, share, learn, create and produce art and artistic projects and engage with the community around it. It is a place for the public to engage with art, learn from our artist community and appreciate creativity for what it brings to our lives.


To provide a variety of affordable creative studio space where artists can create and explore their chosen medium.
To provide a space where the larger community can become members to interact with and learn about art and those that make and practice it.
To provide a space for a variety of private events in a setting that is affordable, fun, creative and inspiring.
To assist local artists with the development of their skills; be it through instruction, mentoring, exhibiting, marketing and selling their work.
To create a community of individuals that is socially conscious, locally responsible and moving towards environmental and financial sustainability.


The Beaumont Studios Gallery is a non-profit art gallery dedicated to showcasing and promoting the art and careers of emerging and established artists of every discipline. It aspires to generate significant member based audiences for a variety of innovative and diverse exhibitions and shows, and connect artists with potential buyers.


The Beaumont Studios Artist Society (BSAS) is an arts community based in a unique space on the edge of Mount Pleasant. The building houses 16 shared artist studios, an art gallery and a multi-purpose event hosting space. Over 45 artists practice their art in our studios as well as a number of instructors that host weekly classes and workshops. and Each month the Beaumont Gallery hosts art exhibitions featuring artists from our community and abroad. The Beaumont Studios is a meeting and event space for artists of every discipline and a place for the broader community to become members and together to learn, explore and express itself through art, design and creativity.