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Amy Stewart

“My work is primarily influenced by my exposure to the places I have lived.  I was very fortunate to have grown up in British Columbia. My formative years were spent surrounded by nature, in 108 Mile House, and then my time spent in the Okanagan valley until my 20’s. My background is connected to the arts through schooling for Child & Youth Care in Edmonton, with a brief time in the Netherlands for Art and Play Therapy. All of these places and experiences can be seen traced in my work.

I began painting while working with children & youth as an outlet for myself. I often found that it was an emotionally draining process helping the circumstances of the children I supported. Art was my outlet.

Soon my passion for creating turned into a body of work. Today I am inspired by peoples minds. The craziness in all of us, a happy moment, the beauty of a tree or the simplicity of something as generic as a mug. Painting is the way I tell my story and process my being.

This year I have taken up a residency in The Beaumont Studios in Vancouver, come and visit. You can find me there surrounded by colour. ”


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